Saturday, 1 August 2015

Something old, something new!
Rooting through old files recently, I found the following images of earlier work 
I thought I might share them with you!

This collage  (above) was done for a stage poster, long since lost I'm afraid

I rather like this little pencil drawing. It was a study for a much larger oil painting called 'Jealousy'. I had no idea when I started drawing what I was in fact drawing - it just turned out to be this winged rider on a strange horse!

This photo collage on acrylic is a study for a portrait of Daedelus - the man in Greek legend who flew too near the sun. 

This picture includes gold paint which is often difficult to handle but seems to work here

The image above is a detail from a large canvas - and my first attempt to work by dribbling paint onto the canvas
What works well here for me is the 'depth' such a painting can achieve, with the eye being drawn deeper and deeper into the recesses the paint forms

Finally, a photograph of a corner of my studio in Montlaur, SW France where most of the above paintings were made

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