Thursday, 30 December 2010

Recent Experiments

In preparation for a large landscape (now completed) I experimented with poster paint on white paper

Here are a few of those preliminary paintings

I particularly like the blue background ("sky") and used something similar in my large "work in progress" project

I have shown this before but it was a useful experiment when exploring the close relationship between plants and rocks - again used in the larger work

Purple is a colour that features in the large canvas. I first experimented with that colour in this little painting. Some of the texture works well but the composition itself is not particularly exciting

I think that these experiments are the end of the line for me. The use of a palette knife on wet gouache is fine but I now need to move on and explore some other creative technique for my work

The relatively simple technique of this stark portrait of a tree stump in space is by far the more successful of these experiments and something that I might develop further

Watch this space!

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