Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New work by Mike Healey

Miranda's Dream
The above collage contains a mixture of photographic elements, hand-painted gouache and decalcomania cutouts

This little pencil drawing was first drawn some years ago but has since been redrawn
 It recalls a dream I once had in which, despite my fear of the unknown, I am drawn to a locked attic in an old house in which I once lived and from which I can hear strange voices.

Scary stuff!

This study in graphite of  an old tree and its twisted roots is based on something I came across recently in a wood near my house in Montlaur

The above pencil study is not in any sense a completed drawing but I have included it here because I like the overall effect - something between a seascape and twisted rocks

I'm not sure why some parts are covered in plague-like spots!

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