Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Tempest is back!

Shakespeare's The Tempest is back now on our screens, starring Helen Mirren as Prospero in a remarkable film by Julie Taymor

Caliban (Djimon Hounsou ) from Judie Taymor's new film

Click HERE for the Miramax trailer of The Tempest

This is a play which, as readers of this blog will know too well, has fascinated me for many years and which I have directed several times for the professional stage

The above diorama represents a dramatic moment from the fourth act in which Prospero stages a magical masque to celebrate the betrothal of his daughter (Miranda) and Prince Ferdinand whom fate has brought together on a desert island

The above collage which I made some years ago represents Caliban in his imaginary "garden" on the island which, rightly, belongs to him rather than Prospero.

Below is another version of Caliban, this time representing his more earthy character:

To follow my progress on my new Tempest diorama and related art, please click on the link in
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