Sunday, 11 December 2011

Fond Memories?

I came across this little drawing a few days ago  tucked away in a file in my attic. Its rediscovery brought back strange memories!

It represents an occurring dream I had, sometime in the late 1960's. I used to keep a dream diary then but this particular dream I had mercifully forgotten until I came across this drawing, done some years ago

This is me in 1968. 

At that time I was working in the theatre as a director and only drawing in my spare time. I had very little money and had, briefly, what I can only describe as a mental breakdown

Each night, for several months, I dreamed that there were malevolent creatures in the attic above where I slept in a large, rambling and partly derelict house in north Oxford

Caliban by Mike Healey

The drawing of me on the stairs shows what I never managed to do in real life and that is go up  to that dark attic and confront my demons!

Luckily my anxieties passed and I was troubled no more by such monsters. Perhaps that shows the power of art to overcome one's innermost fears?

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