Friday, 16 August 2013


Imaginary World of a 14 Year Old Photographer Storytelling Through Beautiful Photo Manipulation

Who said there is a word “impossible” in the dictionary? Well, if you have as creative a mind as Zev, a 14 year old photographer from Massachusetts, no one can stop you from doing the impossible you have ever wished to do. Zev, together with his 17 year old sister Nellie, has proved that you can do anything you wish to do with your imagination, you just need to go forward.

Zev is popular for his amazing photography and impressive photo manipulation that you would see as more of an untold fairy tale featuring self portraits and photography of friends and family. Taking you deep into the mind of an adventurous yet genius and creative child, these photographs are simple yet beautiful. Below are some beautiful photo manipulation examples of Zev’s photography that would be mesmerizing to see. Each picture tells a different story, perhaps, these all are the dreams he see through closed eyes? Imagine, if you were at his place, where would you set your fairyland in?

Draft -  Beautiful photo manipulation


Crash - Beautiful photo manipulation

The Melody

The Melody  beautiful photo manipulation

Summer Tales

Summer Tales - Beautiful photo manipulation

Loss for Floss

loss for floss - Beautiful photo manipulation

On a String

On a String beautiful photo manipulation

Of Spring Times Past

Of Spring times past beautiful photo manipulation

Around the World

Around the World beautiful photo manipulation
Grandfather Watch 
Grandfather Watch - beautiful photo manipulation


inspecting beautiful photo manipulation

Storm has Broken

Storm has Broken beautiful photo manipulation


Storm has Broken beautiful photo manipulation


Visiting - beautiful photo manipulation


Water - Beautiful photo manipulation

The Gameside

The Gameside - Beautiful photo manipulation


Echoes - Beautiful photo manipulation


Crash - Beautiful photo manipulation

Source: Fiddleoak

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