Monday, 9 December 2013

What are YOU getting this Christmas?!


She's short, stout, fifty-something and no great beauty

Not a good start for a heroine perhaps but Elspeth Grant is special in other ways

She is hugely intelligent and a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford - the richest and most exclusive graduate establishment in Academia

She is also Britain's most successful Criminologist
and Profiler - even if somewhat eccentric in her dealings with the police!

 If you are in to Tartan Noir
then check her out in two new crime thrillers just published on Kindle/Amazon

You have bought all the Christmas presents now treat yourself, Kindle Kats and Kittens to two exciting new crime thrillers!

But who killed Caroline?
Mike Healey

When a body - minus an arm -is found on a remote beach on the Isle of Skye, Scotland it is the start of a series of bizarre killings.

Can Detective Inspector John White and police Profiler Elspeth Grant identify this killer before he (or she) strikes again?

This is a dark detective thriller in which a lesbian author and her lover are both hunter and hunted.

But who will win this battle to the death?


The beasts of Rannoch Moor 

On the stunningly beautiful yet desolate wastes of Scotland’s Rannoch Moor a series of ruthless, inexplicable killings attract the attention of expert criminologist and police Profiler, Dr. Elspeth Grant.

Can she solve the mystery of Rannoch Moor and the dark secret that lies within the community that runs its only hotel?

This is a crime thriller with a distinct hunting, shooting and fishing twist - plus gourmet food!

Both these new crime thrillers - featuring the remarkable Elspeth Grant - are by me!

Both are now available on Kindle/Amazon

Click on the link below for direct access to my Kindle page


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