Friday, 25 April 2014

Visual Memory

How the visual memory plays tricks!

Most artists have a highly developed visual memory. Well, I like to think that I have, anyway!

How wrong can you be!

I recently had a chance to see again this collage (above) that I made fifteen years ago

Not only had I forgotten that I ever made it but when I saw afresh its subtle browns and yellows I was genuinely surprised

The photo I had kept of it was far more red in hue and over the years I had come to assume that that was how it really was!

The same is somewhat true for this collage - also made some fifteen years ago

What I have been able to do with Photoshop is drag it back to what it really looked like

Mind you, what do I know anymore!!?

Finally, I am having fun re-coloring some of my earlier work. This black and white drawing featured elsewhere on this blog has now turned blue.

Magic, eh?!

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