Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Picture of the Month

Rembrandt's celebrated painting (1642) is the subject of Peter Greenaway's film 'Nightwatching'  starring Martin Freeman

The film explores events leading up to this commission and the nature of the Dutch militiamen who wished to be immortalised in a group portrait

During work on the painting, Rembrandt stumbles upon what appears to be a cover-up of a murder committed within the ranks of the civilian 'regiment'

There are other disturbing events within the militia's ranks, including one of its members using an orphanage for young girls as a brothel

The finished portrait therefore contains clues to the 'accidental' death of one of the members of the regiment, thereby exposing the dark story that lies behind this celebrated group portrait

According to Greenaway, the scandal associated with his 'exposure' of murder within the regiment's ranks had a profound and deleterious effect on Rembrandt's subsequent career

Greenaway has also produced a documentary film associated with this film -  'Rembrandt's J'Accuse' (2008)  - in which he provides 33 pieces of 'evidence' for his theory

Both films are currently available in one DVD from axiom/films

Mike Healey

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