Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My early paintings

My Early Work
Mike Healey

I have recently switched to Photoshop. Am I the last person on the planet to have done this, I wonder?

Anyway, I have found photographs of early work from my studio - pictures that I had forgotten about but which were sold over twenty years ago and which were made without the advantages photoshop now offers

Garden of the Hesperides

The large work shown above is a very early collage
 I particularly like the way the entire garden appears to be suspended in mid-air

I cannot recall the title of this small painting but it is a very early use (for me) of a Surrealist technique for creating strange rock formations

After the Flood

This collage was first shown at Brantwood, the Lake District home of John Ruskin on Lake Coniston

It was part of a very large exhibition of my work based on the notion that Alice, now a young woman, returns to Wonderland to revisit all her old friends

 Double Alice

The collage above was from the same exhibition. It was an early experiment using images on acetate then layering them

Today I can do this on Photoshop but twenty years ago - when this collage was made - it was not so easy!

Mike Healey

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