Saturday, 18 December 2010

Featured Artist

This month I would like to feature the work of
Fabio Calvetti

I first came across his work three years ago, in Venice. I liked it immediately and have followed his career since then. 

Fabio Calvetti was born in Certaldo, Italy in 1956

He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Today he has an international reputation, especially in France and Japan

Rather like Jack Vettriano, Fabio has created a peculiarly urban genre, one in which lonely (yet glamorous) women stare forlornly into the middle distance from an isolated balcony or bedroom window

For me, Fabio's work has strong Expressionist elements which give his stark paintings a distinct, often dramatic film noir feeling

Here in France, adult comics are hugely popular and have generated many fine graphic artists specializing in that genre; this is equally true of Japan

Perhaps this explains why Fabio Calvetti's fine graphic draftsmanship and terse subject matter have struck a chord in both those countries

It is certainly one reason why I admire his work so much, although it is a style which I am not tempted to emulate!

Link to Calvetti Exhibition (Florida) Review

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