Thursday, 5 May 2011

More new work from my studio

I am currently working on a new stage set based on the masque from Shakespeare's The Tempest

The backdrop of this three-dimensional model will look a little like the image above

What I am now doing is experimenting with alternative images, such as the one shown below

This is it at its most basic but you get the idea!

The final image will be complex, multi-layered and rich in plant forms - as in the above experiment using liquid bone black on paper

Some of these experiments will survive as pictures in their own right - as in this Blue Forest shown above

The above image - which I have called Tangled Wood - will also make it to the show room (perhaps!)

The finished box set will be one of  many new works to be shown at Newcastle's Biscuit Factory at the end of this year

I am also working on a portrait of Persephone
The image below is an early version

Please watch this space for new works and related developments over the next few months

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