Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Paintings by Mike Healey

With a major exhibition coming up later in November in Newcastle, I have been hard at work in my Montlaur studio

Back to my roots - literally!

This study of a wooded landscape is based on memories of the Montaigne Noir region of south-west France where I once lived

The Oracle
Both the above paintings use liquid bone black on paper, applied with a broad brush then shaped, using a palette knife

Persephone's rock garden
I have also been experimenting with an old favourite - collage
The collage above is a mix of photographic elements and hand-drawn landscape forms 

In this one I have gone even further and taken a detail of Adam and Eve from a painting by Cranach

The shock of this unexpected juxtaposition gives the picture its tension

This small dream-scape is a trial run for a larger painting

Sometimes these early experiments become stand-alone pictures in their own right. 
We shall see what happens to this one!

This acrylic painting (above) is not quite finished but it depicts a fairy figure from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

 I quite like the floating effect and the highlights from the gold areas

More works in the pipe-line so do please revisit this blog sometime soon

Mike Healey

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