Friday, 12 February 2016

Artist of the Month

From time to time I come across an artist whose work I had not seen before but which I now like and admire enormously

This month my chosen artist is Mead Schaeffer

 Schaeffer is an American artist (1898-1980) and a friend and contemporary of Norman Rockwell

Count of Monet Christo

His work is mostly used to illustrate books or magazines. Like Rockwell, his illustrations appeared frequently in the 'Saturday Evening Post

Like many artists working in this genre, he is able to capture both mood and period and always finds the 'dramatic' moment for maximum impact

I love the muted blues in the above illustration and the girl's only partially concealed concern

What, I wonder, is she scared of?

My particular favorite is the above illustration - some kind of 'assignation' perhaps in a Chinese setting 

Note the exquisite rendering of the white costumes and the sinuous curves of the black ballastrade in the foreground

Mike Healey

You can see much more of Mead's work on my Pinterest

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